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We support you from out-of-court debt collection to legal action!

Reminder of the claim

In a first step, we remind the debtor to pay. This is usually done electronically and in writing by post.

In this step we want to convince the debtor to make a voluntary payment. This is the best for both parties as court proceedings are associated with very high costs.

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Comparisons and installment

If we are authorized by the client, we enter into negotiations with the debtor and we offer installment payments.

Dies kann einen Gerichtsprozess oftmals vermeiden und bietet Vorteile für beide Seiten.

Court order for payment

Depending on the situation and the country of the debtor, a court order for payment can be a quick way to obtain an enforceable title.

Wenn der gerichtliche Zahlungsbefehl erfolgreich ist, kann anschließend die Pfändung beim Schuldner beantragt werden.

Legal action

If the debtor still has not paid voluntarily or even suspended the court order for payment, the amount must be sued in court.

In the case of a positive judgment, you receive an enforceable title. This allows you to enforce the payment.


With an enforceable title it is possible to enforce the payment by court or bailiff.


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