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We are experts in the field of legal tax optimization

By using the best corporate structure and the ideal country for your establishment, you can save taxes legally.


From a tax point of view, almost all companies are operated with the wrong company structure.

Don’t give more money into the treasury than absolutely necessary. We can help to reorganize your company to use the right legal structure.

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If you want to set up a company, it makes sense to set it up directly with the correct legal form and in the appropriate country.

Come to us! We think outside the box and are happy to advise you on setting up your company.


There is not just one country that is ideal for every start-up. Often a company structure even has to be set up across several countries in order to be able to use certain advantages (e.g. mother-daughter privilege, double taxation agreement, …)

We form companies in numerous countries around the world, especially in United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, and the United States.

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