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“Pacta sunt servanda” was a saying of the ancient Romans. But what if the debtor simply does not want to pay? Then you’d better come to us right away.

Debt collection

We support you in collecting claims in all areas. From contacting the debtor, issuing a reminder of the claim, an out-of-court debt collection, and by taking legal action in court with our partner law firms against the debtor.

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Drafting of contracts

We draft contracts tailored to your needs. The contracts can be based on international commercial law or national legislation, depending on the requirements.

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Intellectual property

Protecting intellectual property is very important because it is your company’s main asset. We would be happy to advise and support you to register brands, designs and patents.

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Escrow services

As a seller, you usually bear the risk of non-payment after delivery and as a customer you bear the risk of a material defect or non-performance. Both parties can avoid this risk by using the services of an escrow attorney.

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Tax optimization

Choosing the right legal form and the right country for the establishment are important factors in relation to taxes. With our advice about the right company structure, you can save money!

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Trademark monitoring

We continuously monitor your brands in trademark registers and inform you about new contradicting trademark registrations.

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Legal financing

The expenses for the court and your lawyer must be advanced in court proceedings. We cover the costs for you and, in the event of success, receive a share in the amount claimed.

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